We’re excited to come back for Winter 2021 with the biggest team in the history of UW Blueprint! This term, we’re hosting a total of 8 teams and 86 members. Typically, we’re able to take on around 4 NPOs per term. With Blueprint running completely remote, the number of student applications has increased greatly. Our team has grown well past our usual number of ~50 members, giving us a chance to take on more impactful partnerships. For Winter 2021, we’re working on 6 NPO projects (+ 2 teams dedicated to internal projects and infrastructure).

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Ontario Secondary School Dancefest

About the NPO: The Ontario Secondary…

by Hydrochloric Acid


One of the most challenging times of a student’s life is their time during their post-secondary education. They’re trying to do it all, from making new friends, finishing their assignments, attending lectures as well as finding themselves. Needless to say this type of lifestyle proves quite a challenge if students want to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Our app SeeSaw aims to solve the problem of undergraduate students struggling to achieve their desired work-life balance. More specifically, our app aims to help students balance their schoolwork with other areas in their life, such as doing a relaxing…

sara \(◕‿◕✿)/

computer science student

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